An exploration of elegant curves and lines based on the human figure. BellaSwan Lady in blackHeadIf you have to ask, againIf you have to ask, yet againIf you have to ask #1crazy dreamsSwan lady in blueBlue StorkLady #5EmbraceRed and black sentinelsblack bird/blue chairblue bird/black chairSwan ladyFiguresSentinelsLady in black #1Lady in Black #4Lady in Black #3Lady in Black #2UntitledGlanceSentinelsFace to faceCaribouSilver Ladysilver and red GuardiansThe GuardianSwan lady in WalnutSwan lady in MahoganyLydiaBlack SwanHaniCypressBlack swanMaple swanSwan Lady in WhiteEmbrace #4GuardiansEmbrace with fishRed guardiansTête á têteMother and childreclining nudeRed and black ladyEmbrace #4Lady with fishspiral lady